Girls Only!

This is one of those “girls only” posts that I warned about elsewhere on this blog.  I’m going to talk about my newest discovery that has really changed my life.  Cloth menstrual pads.  Now, before you get disgusted (that was my first reaction!) just hear me out…

I first found out that cloth pads even existed when we started researching cloth diapers.  All the websites carry the cloth pads.  So, I thought that these were just for women who were really into the cloth diapering thing, and had just taken it to the next step.  Then I started to do some research on the commercial brands of pads and tampons that you buy at the supermarket.  Did you know that on average, it takes anywhere from 500-800 years for a pad to break down in a landfill?!  As you know from my previous post, I’m on a mission to reduce the trash at our house.  When I found out how long it took to breakdown a pad, that alone made me want to find an alternative, just so I could be a better steward of our land and environment.

Then I found out another interesting tidbit of information.  Commerical pads and tampons usually are treated with a chemical that draws the blood out of your body.  (My guess is that they do this so you have to use more of their product!)  Although not all women react adversely to this chemical, it does cause problems in others.  The main problem it can cause is bad cramping. 

So, what is a girl to do?!

Well, if you are interested, you can find a ton of different brands of cloth pads on the web.  Or, you can do what I did…you can sew your own.  I found a great article on the art of making your own cloth pads.  You can read it yourself at  The article goes into detail on the sewing process, fabric selection, as well as care and wash of your pads. 

And, if you are still not convinced that you can handle the “ick” factor, I assure you, it’s not bad at all!!  It just becomes a normal part of life.  And did I mention that since I started using homemade pads a while back that I haven’t had any cramps whatsoever?!  And that’s saying a lot, since every month I used to be sick to the point of throwing up.  So, especially if you have cramps every month, you might think twice before buying a package of Kotex next time you’re at the store!


4 Responses to “Girls Only!”

  1. Doamna Says:

    Wow! Never knew about the chemical treatment! But what about a girl who’s always hated pads and could only tolerate a tampon? Any better choice? Or maybe a used tampon in a landfill breaks down quicker than a pad? One would hope?

  2. bcorc Says:

    Doamna, There are many options for natural, chemical free tampons. I’ve seen a lot of websites that carry tampons that are made from natural sea sponges, among other options. If you find anything that you think is worth sharing with readers, let me know!

  3. Qtpies7~ Says:

    I haven’t made the switch yet, because I am a tightwad, but I tried the DivaCup. I am allergic to most brands of pads, so it is a hard week for me. The Divacup didn’t work for me because I think my uterus is titled or something, too much details for that. Anyway, if I could sew, I would make my own. I am going to have to bit the bullet and buy them, though.
    Many women have told me that when they switched to the cup that their periods were lighter and SHORTER and less painful. After one month of using the cup, unsuccessfully, my next cycle was NO pms and only 4 days. I am so going to change!

  4. Tia Says:

    I’m a diva cup girl! I’ve also tried the Instead cup too. I’ve stopped buying tampons longgggggg ago. And pads were ALWAYS icky to me.

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