Grocery Bags

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I’m on a mission.  My mission is to reduce the amount of trash that our family throws out every week.  Here’s a good idea….

Have you ever left Wal Mart or the grocery store loaded up with plastic bags?  What do you do with them when you get home?  Target bags actually have a list of ways to reuse the bags printed on the side.  But whether they go straight to the trash when you get home, or they get used again as trash bags, one way or another, they make it to the garbage dump.  Some are even dumped into the ocean.  These bags don’t break down, and they fill up land that could be used for other things. 

Perhaps you use paper sacks.  Yes, these are definitely a better option–as long as the trees that are cut down to make the bags are replaced by newly planted trees.  The grocery stores where I mainly shop use paper sacks.  And I have to admit, I don’t feel as crummy walking out of the store with a bunch of paper sacks as I would with plastic bags.

But there is another option.  Cloth grocery bags.  You may be thinking, as I did until recently, that cloth grocery bags were only for people who lived in places like New York City, or for hippies.  But just think about the benefits you get from using canvas bags.  You aren’t contributing to excess landfill waste.  You get to carry cute bags that express your personality.  The handles on your bag won’t break off if the items inside are too heavy (like it does with paper bags!).  So, in a way, this is one of those times when stewardship really does equal convenience!

Prices for cloth shopping bags vary wildly.  You can buy cloth tote bags for as little as $1 each, or you can get stylish designer bags that are actually shaped like grocery sacks for more.  It just depends on what you’re wanting.  I do not own cloth bags yet (they’re on my want list), but I have done some looking around the web.  B-Happy Bags ( is where I got the pictures for this post.  They have adorable bags that are the size of a regular paper sack.  But they are a little pricey.

If you find cloth grocery sacks for a good price, let me know so I can pass it along.  Or, come to think of it, I bet they’d be pretty easy to sew!!


3 Responses to “Grocery Bags”

  1. Emily Says:

    I found some cute ones that come in a set of 5 for $34.50.

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Target and other grocery stores sell them for about a dollar each. But they’re not very cute. I love the pictures you posted.

    I feel kind of smug now that this is a trend; my family has been using cloth bags for years.

  3. Shopping Bag Challenge! « Stewardship–Not Convenience Says:

    […] that’s why I have this blog.  But the one thing that has really been on my heart a lot (It was even the first thing I blogged about on this site!) is using cloth shopping bags.  I have really really really wanted to switch to cloth for some […]

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