Welcome, readers!  The subject of this blog–Christian stewardship, not convenience–is something that has been on my heart for a long time.  So, I figured it was time to finally put it into words.  The first thing I want all my readers to do is to read my philosophy page.  That will help you to understand where I am coming from.  I’m not setting out to save the earth, to prevent global warming, or anything like that.  I just think it’s time that we, as Believers, start taking care of what God has given us. 

What can you expect on this blog?  I’ll share with you nutritional information I’ve found.  I’ll give you some tips on reducing waste in your home.  I’ll review products.  And I’m hoping, that with enough interest, I’ll be able to post advice from other authors.  Because I am writing from a female perspective, a lot of this will perhaps be aimed to a female audience.  But if you’re a male reader, you’re welcome also.  So, here’s to learning to be good stewards!!


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