Help Around the House


Time management is a weakness of mine.  When it comes to housework, I’m too much of a perfectionist in some areas of life, and I don’t really care when it comes to others.  So, I end up putting all my time and energy into things I enjoy or excel at, and I tend to avoid doing things I think are boring or tedious.  As a result, my house is always vacuumed, but usually pretty dusty.  🙂

On top of that, I have other responsibilities at church.  Then there’s my responsibility to take care of my daughter and husband.  Put all of these things together, and I can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to getting the housework done. 

A couple of years ago, I saw a clip on TV about a woman who calls herself the FlyLady.  She teaches other women (or “Sidetracked Home Executives”) to “fly,” instead of crash and burn, when it comes to their housework.  However, it has only been recently that I have become serious about following some of her principles.  You don’t have to do everything exactly the way she does.  But, by following some general guidelines, I have really started to find some freedom when it comes to everyday chores.  I have a laundry schedule that I have been following really well, and I’m starting to work on a morning and evening routine to make my day go more smoothly.  I guess the idea is to be proactive when it comes to your chores, instead of reactive when things come up.

One thing that I think is going to work great for our family is the FlyLady‘s idea about having a “Home Blessing Hour.”  No, it’s not prayer time.  The idea is that you set a timer, and do chores to clean the house for 1 hour.  When that hour is over, then you’re done!  We’ve decided to make this a Saturday morning thing for our family.  Last Saturday, my husband and I cleaned for an hour, and I was so amazed at how much we both got done when we were competing against each other and a timer!  And, when we went out to have fun on Saturday, I didn’t feel guilty because I knew the house was all clean!

Anyway, I just wanted to pass this along to you.  In a few short weeks, I’ve already seen a noticeable difference in how I perceive my housework.  It seems more manageable, for sure!  Take a look, and see if this system works for you.  Just remember, it’s not an end in itself.  It’s a means to an end–glorifying God by being a good steward of our homes, families, and time!


4 Responses to “Help Around the House”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I like this idea! Thanks for sharing. I have found it difficult to keep to a consistent routine. As its just the three of us, my house doesn’t get too dirty…but it definitely still needs maintaining. I think I will try it…although I don’t think my husband will be too fond of jumping in like yours. 😉

  2. Passionate Homemaking » Blog Archive » Encouraging Posts from the Week Says:

    […] at Stewardship not Convenience talks about a helpful hint on housecleaning. Set the clock and get it down in one hour! I was inspired to get back to my routine of scheduling […]

  3. Jamie Says:

    Oh I completely understand the vacuumed but not dusted house!! I have that same tendency! Thanks for sharing. I used to visit the flylady website frequently but haven’t looked in a long time!

  4. Kristine Says:

    This is such a good idea and it works too! My husband and I did the same when both of our schedules permitted it. Saturday mornings were dedicated to house cleaning(something my mother passed down to me). We barely talked to one another because we were so focused. Saturday nights are our date nights. There’s nothing like relaxing in a freshly cleaned home!

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