In Need of Dependence

This may be a little disjointed, so consider yourself forewarned! 🙂

It’s been a good year now–maybe two– since I started on my journey of trying to be a better steward of what God has given in all areas of life.  I know I’m not perfect, and I’m always learning.  However, today I was reminded of just how strong my flesh can be.  (If you’re wondering what I mean by flesh…I am referring to the part of me that is sinful.  As a Christian, my spirit is made new through Christ, but I still am human and sinful until I die.) 

This morning, I was sitting on the floor, changing my daughter’s diaper, and I discovered it was poopy.  Instead of velcro-ing the diaper back on and getting up to get some wet cloths, I just reached for the oh-so-handy package of disposable wipes.  Now, you may think this is silly, but to me, it was a strong spiritual lesson.  In that small choice, I was reminded of my desire to gravitate towards all things convenient–regardless of the cost.  Sure, they were just a few disposable wipes, but it was a reminder of a battle much larger that goes on inside of my heart and my head. 

It is so easy for me to go the easy route in life.  To put in minimal effort.  To pursue convenience.  To be lazy.  To forget that God has convicted me of my desire to always take the easy road.    And without God’s help, I’ll always be on that road.

On the other extreme, it’s also very easy to obsess over every part of life.  To try to be the perfect wife and mother.  To be the perfect gourmet chef with everything made from scratch.  To be self-sufficient.  But this path is just as dangerous.

God really showed me today that I need to resist the fleshly desire to be lazy, but I also need to resist the desire to be self-sufficient and perfect.  The reason for this is that neither path includes any form of dependence on God.  I need to be walking on the path of complete dependence in God.  So, when I am a good wife and mother, or when I have successes in the kitchen, or when I am up to date with the laundry, it is not to my glory, but to God’s. 

I felt like God was asking me a question this morning:  Whose glory are you seeking?  Are you seeking to glorify your flesh through laziness or self-sufficiency?  Or are you seeking to glorify Me in full dependence as you learn to be a wife and mother.  Afterall, being a good steward, using natural products, eating good food, and having perfectly ironed clothing is not what makes us godly wives and mothers.  It’s God working through us as we walk in dependence in God.

Imagine….all that came from one little disposable wipe!


One Response to “In Need of Dependence”

  1. Jessica Says:

    This was encouraging! Thanks for sharing. I am so often reminded of how my flesh does not depend on God but how much I need to each moment!

    BTW Thanks also for sharing your tips on cloth diapering. We are expecting a little one soon and are looking forward to using cloth. The tips are helpful. We are using prefolds and I am glad to hear you have had good sucess with them. Now I am starting to think about pocket diapers 🙂

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