A Unique Find

As you well know by keeping up with my blog, I am on a mission to reduce the amount of trash our family throws away.  Well, one thing I was wanting to replace was paper towels.  We use them A LOT at our house.  Sometimes, if it is a bad week, we can go through two rolls a week (for just three of us!)  I’d been wanting to replace our paper towel usage with microfiber cloths.  But they are really expensive–good quality ones can be $2 a piece for just a regular washcloth sized rag.  I was wanting a whole stack of them so I actually would always have plenty of clean ones in stock.  Afterall, if they’re always dirty, I will use the paper towels.

My husband and I were on our Saturday walk around Sam’s Club.  (Curtis likes to eat the samples they have on Saturdays!)  🙂  We were walking past the household cleaning aisle when a package caught my eye.  A package of 25 microfiber cleaning cloths for $10.   That’s a great deal!  So I got them. 

When I opened the package, I was surprised to find that they were not washcloth sized at all, but the size of a handtowel–which makes it an even better find.  There is a part of my brain that is always trying to think about what craft project I can do next, and my brain thought this was the perfect opportunity!

So, I got to thinking, why not make cloth diaper inserts and doublers with some of these rags?  Afterall, it is microfiber, and the rags are very soft.  So, I cut some up to make inserts.  But then I got to thinking that maybe I could, for fun, make a prefold out of the rag and an insert sewn together.  The rag is slightly wider than a prefold, and about an inch shorter. 

Below are pictures of this project. Just click on them to see a bigger picture.  I ended up sewing together the prefold, and it turned out really well.  My daughter is a stomach sleeper, so I usually fold down the front of the prefold a little bit to add a little more absorbancy.  Since the rag is shorter than a normal prefold, I couldn’t fold it down.  So, I sewed a strip of microfiber across the top to add some absorbancy.  And then I zig zagged the edges of the leftover strips to make wash cloths.  I don’t really need anymore baby cloths, so I am planning on using them as bathroom cleaning rags.

micro1.jpg  micro2.jpg  micro3.jpg  micro4.jpg  micro5.jpg

So, out of that package of rags, I’m going to get all kinds of uses.  I’ve even thought about going back to Sam’s to buy another package, because that is a great price for so much microfiber terry cloth!

Oh, and in case you are wondering how well the microfiber prefold worked out, my daughter wore it for several hours this afternoon, and it left her bottom dry.  No leaks.  She even had a little mess in her diaper, and that shook off easily.

So, if you are interested in some good cloths to clean your house, and maybe make some extra stuffing for your diapers, this is a good way to go.  And if you are one of my readers that is interested in making your own menstrual pads, this would be AWESOME fabric to use!


4 Responses to “A Unique Find”

  1. Liz Says:

    Wow, that is so thrifty. I used to use a bunch of paper towels too, but then I remembered all those mismatching hand towels I got at my wedding shower that I didn’t deem nice enough to display .. but they are just fine for wiping up my many messes in the kitchen.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Hmmm, I’ve never thought of using those for diapers (or pads, which I am hoping to sew as soon as I finish my curtains that I can’t quite seem to finish!). Great idea! I’ll have to check out our local Costco to see if they have them, because otherwise, they’re a bit too pricey to buy individually or in smaller packs.

  3. Delinea Says:

    Hey, i know you posted this a while ago, but i’ve been making my own prefolds, and found your post googling prefold and microfiber. I use microfiber cloths to stuff all my pockets, and was wondering about trying microfiber inside of a flannel prefold.

    How many layers did your prefold end up being? Mine have been 464s but I’m wondering with the microfiber vs flannel, if that many layers are needed? Seems you could make the diaper much trimmer this way!

    I hope it’s ok that I pick your brain on this 😀 Seems you came up with a great idea here, and i’ve found no other links to people doing this.

    Feel free to email me off site if you want.. delinea@mts.net… Thanks!

  4. Alissa Says:

    Hi there,

    I realize this is an older post, but I just stumbled upon it. You’ve probably been using these for awhile now, but I thought I’d mention this – I’ve been making some cloth diapers as well, and when I was reading up on microfibre, it said that you should never let the microfibre come into contact with the baby’s skin, because it’s so absorbant that it will actually pull moisture out of the baby’s skin. It’s fine to use it as an insert, but you have to have a different type of cloth between the microfibre and the baby.

    Anyway, just thought I’d mention it. I love your blog!

    Take care,

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