A Warning


This post doesn’t really have anything to do with stewardship–except it is about protecting our minds.  I occassionally catch an episode of the Oprah show.  This week I saw that she was advertising about a class that she and Eckhart Tolle will be teaching on their website.  She promises that it will completely change your life.  I’ve done some research into Eckhart Tolle, and his teachings are simply Buddhism and Hinduism repackaged with Christian and western vocabulary.  As a Christian, I find this particularly dangerous–especially to those who are unsuspecting.  Oprah herself adheres to some sort of mystical/New Age/Christianity mixture.  I know Oprah has a lot of Christian viewers, and she also has a lot of people watching that are interested in seeking Truth in their lives.  Oprah has a lot of power in our society, and people who are genuinely seeking Truth are going to be unwittingly misled by this new mystical spirituality class that she will be leading.  So, Christians, guard your hearts and minds!  If you are exposed to this teaching, you might hear things that sound good or “true.”  Just remember, if Tolle’s teaching’s were blatantly false, no one would listen.  This is not Christianity.  In Tolle’s world, you are a god.  So, keep your minds guarded, and measure everything you hear by the plumbline of God’s Word.  And, warn everyone you know!


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