Moldy Produce is Driving Me Nuts!!!


I’ve decided to join up with the rest of bloggerland and do “Works for Me” Wednesdays.  Usually I should be offering you a tip about something that works well for me, but today I am desperate for answers.  So, I am going to be a little rebellious today, and ask you to give me tips!

Here’s the problem… I go grocery shopping every week.  I try to buy the freshest, firmest produce.  And I usually buy organic if I have it in the budget.  I put things like bananas and tomatoes on the counter to ripen, and everything else goes in the fridge.  It doesn’t seem like one week of life is too much to ask from my produce.  But, lately, after only a couple of days, moldy spots appear on the food.  This happens even if the fruit/veggie is still unripe.  Last week, I bought a bag of organic navel oranges.  They were really good!  And they were not over ripe, either.  We went out of town for ONE NIGHT and when I came back, these oranges were covered in green hairy fur and smelled really bad. 

I’ve tried all I know to try at this point.  I keep the fridge at the lowest setting I can before turning it into a freezer.  (Even still, sometimes things at the back of the fridge get a little icy.)  But that hasn’t stopped the moldy problem.  I also started using veggie wash to clean everything before it goes into the fridge.  It seems to have curbed the problem to some small degree, but we’ll see how well it does long term. 

The root cause, I think, is that it’s spring in Oklahoma, and the mold spore count is high.  I think this because we didn’t have problems with this when it was cold outside.  Also, our house backs up to a green belt, so I think we probably have more mold spores entering our house than usual.  Either way, I just want my produce to last a week! That’s all I’m asking…just for a week.   I don’t want to have to go produce shopping multiple times a week, since I have a baby, and shopping really isn’t that fun.

So, now I pass my predicament on to you….. What do you suggest?


6 Responses to “Moldy Produce is Driving Me Nuts!!!”

  1. TX Poppet Says:

    Sometimes in the trip from the produce isle to your table, fruit is banged bruised dented and punctured. Often the evidence is hard to see until the next day. You know the old saying “One bad apple can rot the barrel”? This is what I suspect happened to your oranges.
    1.My habit is to visit the produce section last and keep it in a separate section of the cart. 2.I hand it to the cashier last and bag it separately myself. 3.In the car, it sits up front with the eggs, bread and other smooshables while the rest of our supplies ride in back. 4. When I get home, I inspect it again for any dammage. If I see something that may or may not be bruised, I keep it separated. The rest goes in the crisper or into the fruit bowl on our kitchen table. The suspicious fruit gets eaten first by hungry kids or served with dinner. It works for me.

  2. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Do you always shop at the same store for produce? I’ve had a similar problem lately–cutting into what looks like perfectly good fruit to find it has spoiled, even the day I buy it. I’ve had to switch to a different grocery store for my produce. Pricier, but better than throwing out the “cheaper” fruit.

  3. Says:

    Thanks for this article.

  4. Thia Says:

    1) Try cleaning the fridge to see if there’s something in there that is contagious.
    2) After you clean the stuff, use a food saver to vacum stuff up.
    Hope that helps.

  5. Holly Says:

    Ok fruit gone bad ? Stick to okra, just kiddin’
    Take it back ( if u have time) I always return it, if rotten 2 days from pruchase. No store has refused.
    Could you make smoothies and then frezze pops from the smoothies? My 5yr. old loves these and i can stick other “good-for-ya’s” in them, Holly

  6. Vickie@PursuingSimplicity Says:

    I have been experiencing the problem and I live in Oklahoma too! I have been really perplexed abou tthis. It seems to be more of a problem with oranges. I have tried having them in the fridge and in a bowl on my counter. They seem to do better on the counter. I noticed that my strawberries are getting moldy very quickly. I am at a loss. I have noticed this happening with our bread rather quickly as well.

    On another note, I love your blog! Imagine my surprise when I saw that you have given me some link love in your side bar! Wow, what an incredible blessing! Thank you so much!
    Blessings to you and yours!

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