Stewardship in all areas of life, Part I

Our pastor has started a sermon series at church about stewardship in all areas of life.  I’ve really been enjoying it greatly, as this is one of my great passions.  I thought I would share some of my notes from his sermons, and also share some personal thoughts, since I have been really convicted by what he has said.  If you want to hear the actual sermons, you can click here to see your options and listen to it.  New sermons will be posted a day or two after they are preached.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to listen to sermons while I’m cleaning, etc.

Okay, onto what I learned on Sunday.  It is rather long, so I will only do the first half today.  Watch for part 2 later this week.

 First of all, it was a great reminder that our purpose in all things is to glorify God (1 Peter 4:11).  There’s no such thing as a task so small that it cannot glorify God.  And we can glorify God in all things by being obedient and being good stewards of what He has given us.

In our personal lives, this plays out in 5 areas of our being.

1) Motives–God cares about why we do things.  If we do the right things, but have the wrong motive, then it doesn’t glorify God.  So, in everything, we need to be asking if our motives are biblical or if they are worldy.  For me, this practically plays out in the realm of natural living.  My husband and I feel strongly that we can be good stewards of what God has given us by using natural cleaning products, eating well, eliminating waste, etc.  But it can be so easy to get caught up in the world’s motivation behind “going green”–to save the earth from doom.  This is not at all a biblical idea, and I know I personally need to be careful not to fall for it!

2) Body–Stewardship in this area could involve a lot of things–modesty, propriety, developing our strengths, working on our weaknesses.  These are all areas that we can glorify God.  For me, my biggest area of problem is in the area of food.  I have a lot of food restrictions–no gluten, no sugar, etc.–and it is really easy for me to get lazy about it or have a bad attitude.  I often find myself saying in my mind things like “well, I’m not having any symptoms now, so it’ll be okay.”  But what my pastor reminded of was that I need to be thinking down the road.  Sure, there may not be a huge consequence now of eating unhealthy foods (or in my case, foods that might be healthy, but just not for me!).  But what are the long term consequences going to be?  Am I going to be able to dedicate all my energy to raising a future godly generation?  Will I even have energy?  So, I’ve been really convicted that when I have a bad attitude about my food restrictions, I’m really having a problem with the One who created me and allowed me to have these problems.  And I’m rebelling against whatever future plans God might have for me!  Wow! So convicting.

3) Mind–We are called to have the mind of Christ.  So, are we letting things into our mind or out of our mouth that does not glorify God?  God has given us our minds to be used for Him–however He calls us to use them.  So, when we need to use our mind, is it filled with filthy worldy things, or is it set on Christ?

4) Emotions/Responses–God clearly created us with emotions–it’s part of what makes us human.  But far too often we get trapped by our emotions.  We need to control our feelings and how we respond to others instead of being slave to our emotions.  How many times have I snapped at my husband or given in to that chocolate craving just because of “hormones”?  Hmmmm…..

5)  Spiritual–Our pastor pointed out something that really stuck with me.  It is a privilege to get to serve God as a fallen human being.  He puts opportunities before us.  And we can be good stewards by making the most of those opportunities to grow closer to God, and to learn His Word.  Another way we can be good stewards of our spiritual life is to correct any unbiblical thinking and replace it with truth.  We need to eliminate any areas of our lives that are incongruent with our beliefs.  That makes me want to go study the Bible!

Well, as you can see, there are a lot of areas of our lives where we can apply stewardship.  It’s not just for finances!  I hope you got a lot to think about, and sometime later this week, I’ll post part 2, which is about being a good steward with your personal possessions.



One Response to “Stewardship in all areas of life, Part I”

  1. Pollyanna Says:

    Wow! Great stuff. Now, my problem is how to work on these things without feeling guilty or like a failure. I’m anxious for Part 2.

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