Stewardship in all areas of life, Part 2

It’s a little late, but as promised, here’s the continuation of my series on stewardship.  Again, my pastor has been preaching on this, and this is a combination of his sermon and my thoughts.

Today is about stewardship of your personal possessions.  How can we take care of them in a way to honor God?

Schedule:  Your schedule reveals your priorities in life.  Apparently my priority is to be way too busy! 😦 We all are accountable to God for how we use our 144 hours a week.  Something I have been convicted about is praying over your schedule.  Ask God to show you what you should and shouldn’t do before you make the commitment!

Children:  I would hope this would be painfully obvious!  Children have been given to us from the Lord, and it is our responsibility to train them up as a future godly generation.  If you haven’t, you should read Family Driven Faith.  It’s all about the idea of raising your children to know and glorify God!

Abilities:  God has given us all unique talents and abilities.  Are we sharpening them to be used for God?  Or are we throwing them away on worthless things that will one day burn up before God?

Experiences:  This is something I had never really thought about.  It’s the idea of viewing all your experiences–both good and bad–as something to be managed.  When something bad happens, do you just stew on it, or try to move on quickly?  Or do you see it as something that God can use for a greater purpose in your life, and the lives of others.  It’s important to learn from all experiences, instead of just trying to survive them.  That way we have a future testimony and ministry connection with people.

The Holy Spirit:  Again, this isn’t something I ever thought of “managing” before!  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you have the Holy Spirit living in you.  But what kind of home have you made for him?  Are you filled with the Holy Spirit, or are you grieving him by your actions?  We have an amazing gift of God actually residing in us, and empowering us.  It’s really our most important possesion!   Are we using that to the fullest or are we continuing to walk in our selfish ways?

In closing, I was just thinking about the reason we are alive.  We have all been created to glorify God in everything, and to enjoy Him.  And obviously, if we are not dead yet, then God still has a purpose for us to fulfill here on earth!  So, let’s all commit to build discipline in all areas of life so we can be good stewards of what God has given us, and so we can glorify Him!


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