Family update and things to look forward to in the near future


Well, I have all the kids down for a nap right now, so I thought now would be as good a time as ever to get back to posting on this blog.  It has been so hard for me to be absent from this blog for so long, but life has been busier than ever.  But, now that I’m back, I have a lot of new topics that I’d like to address soon!

First, though, I’d like to share what has happened in our lives that has caused my absence from blogging!  In February 2008, our church had “Sanctity of Human Life” Sunday.  I’ve always considered myself to be “pro-life”, but that Sunday, my husband and I were encouraged to do something about it–to show the world some way or another through our actions that we are indeed pro-life.  For many, it could mean talking to women, or volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center (which I did for a while), or protesting.  For my husband, Curtis, and I, however, we felt a very intense calling on our lives to show the world we value human life by adopting.  We had already adopted our daughter, Isabella, as a newborn.  But this time, we felt like the Lord was leading us to adopt older children–perhaps children that would be hard to place.

We responded to that calling by getting our homestudy in order, and applying for a lot of children in multiple states, including in Oklahoma, where we live.  But this process was frustratingly slow, and after several months, it became apparent to us, for several reasons, that adopting through the state government was not going to happen.  At that point, we were very confused because we had thought that the Lord was calling us to adopting older children.

So, still confused, we applied through an agency here in our state that specializes in infant adoption–thinking that maybe we would just get a baby instead.  About a week after we got in all of our paperwork and scrapbook, we got a call from the agency telling us that they had a group of 3 siblings that needed an immediate home.  We were shocked!!  Just the day before, I had received $4,100 in anonymous donations–specifically earmarked for adoption expenses.  So, wondering how much it would cost to adopt THREE kids (we had planned on maybe adopting 2 at most!), I asked what the expenses would be for such an adoption.  You guessed it….about $4000!  So, the Lord has confirmed right from the start that He had specifically chosen these kids to be our children.

The past 5 months have been quite a transition–and they have been quite rocky at times.  From the time we found out about the kids, to the time we brought them home with us, was less than 48 hours.  So, for weeks, we were left reeling from the major, unexpected transition.  We have faced behavior issues, food allergies, and a surgery.  I have been thrown into the homeschool scene, and suddenly have had to learn to budget for a family of 6.  It’s been tough, but oh my, it has been so rewarding!!

My experiences over the past few months have greatly influenced a lot of what I am going to post on this blog.  These are a few of the topics I want to tackle in the coming weeks:

  • budgeting in an increasingly worse economy
  • homeschooling topics such as curriculum, methods, and dealing with learning disabilities
  • simple homecare for busy moms
  • food allergies
  • craft projects for kids
  • frugal ideas to reduce waste
  • discipline
  • and the big one–adoption!

Now please note:  I am certainly not an expert in any of these areas, and I am hoping to make a lot of my posts an open forum for all of my readers to share their experiences as well.


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